Friday, January 12, 2007

Introduction and acknowledgments

Yesterday, I have created my blog. Enfin, c'est fait. It's an old idea I was thinking about since a long time. But I have never had the opportunity to start. New Year, that's an opportunity. A discussion with my wife was another one, when I wanted to explain her the philosophy of my management : "a pragmatic self-interest". You know, the title of the blog. So because this is the title you can wait few days before I tell you more about that philosophy. But just to tease you, I can propose another title : "Towards efficient human groups". To be clearer, but in fact it's not usefull in english, never mind, I want to say efficient groups of humans, and not groups of efficient humans.

Because it's only the second post, I have to aknowlodge people that have contributed and/or will contribute the most to the birth of my philosophy, and its evolution.

Who they are ? just wait. Firstly I want to thank my wife, Valerie, and my both children Remi and Thomas. So who they are ? Dominique (my first collaborator/contributor), Jean-Marie (my first pragmatic manager), Carmen (my last collaborator/contributor), Michel (just visit his site at, and Bernard (my first unpragmatic manager).

The innovation since yesterday, write in French (my mother tongue), but also in English. Why ? because of a pragmatic self-interest. If I write in English, I will improve my English. If I write in English, more people would benefit of this philosophy. If more people will benefit, I could hope more efficiency in human groups around me, and benefit of this efficiency. So if you like the ideas, and not my English, do not hesitate to correct me or even rewrite the post. If you are not from French or English mother tongue, and like the ideas, do not hesitate to post translations in other languages.

Have a nice week-end.

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